What is your body trying to communicate to you?  

Insights Into Your Imbalances

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Stress affects us all and our bodies pay the price with built up tension in the body.  Over time stress can build up to the point where are bodies have had enough.  This is when our bodies start to show signs of aches and pains we have never experienced before.   Our bodies are very good at processing stress, but over time it can get tired, overwhelmed, and start rebelling in the form of pain, physical or emotional.  

If you would like to host this event in your area, please contact Robin at robinlchant@gmail.com

In this fun, informative and interactive presentation Robin touches on a variety of topics from sleep patterns and why you may wake at the same time each night, to why your shoulders ache when dealing with a situation that weighs on you.  This evening is all about discovering a new way to understand the body like never before. 

This is what a retired Nurse had to say about the presentation:

​"20 years of therapy and I've never understood myself like I did in that one evening!"

Do you wake between 1-3am, this is the Liver Meridian time - you may be planning and organizing too much in your life - would you be ready to let that go?