After HeartBeing™ 101 if you would like more ...

Nurture You Daily​

Living in Your Heart  & Tools to Increase that Awareness 

After taking the HeartBeing 101, you will learn that your emotions or trapped emotions from the past are keeping you from your true authentic self. These trapped emotions are called emotional triggers and leave you reacting to some judgments that are delivered at you throughout the day. You will learn an easy 8 step program that is all about getting you out of reaction in your life to Action of you in your life. 

We learn to live our lives more consciously and to not react when our buttons are pushed. We will learn the importance of letting go of these emotional triggers and allow to be more in the now than ever before. You will learn simple tools that take you out of the reaction mode in the moment. The steps facilitate a change in you thus this rolls over to a change in your relationships and life.

Live-In Person Weekend Retreat

​This course and package is all about self care & self growth for you. You learn why to consciously choose to live from your Heart and embrace being a HeartBeing. You learn how important it is and simple every day tools to destress you which include resetting your body and mind, letting go of old anger or grief, and how to connect to your mind, body, spirit and soul on a daily basis. 

There will be 75 minutes a week  per module (live with Robin) all about self empowerment and being more of you with ease. Throughout the rest of the week there will be guest speakers chatting about their expertise in overall health of the body, mind, spirit & soul plus mini sessions with Robin to enhance your life and living even more. 

Robin created this program to invite you to a new way of being, of being in your heart space and being inspired to be more of YOU. After seeing over 1000 clients, she realized that these tools when delivered together is what each client required to feel empowered to choose themselves on a daily basis.

Have you been living your life from your head? Lost the juiciness of your connection to your essence and what you desire?

This course will offer your tools to choose more of YOU. 

It is valued at more than $700.00 and includes ongoing support.

6 Weeks 

Special Price $195.00 

HeartBeing™ 101