As a young woman I became the first female fire fighter / paramedic in the city of Brandon, Manitoba. However, within five years my body and mind were overcome by the stresses of the job.  She was full of pain and anger. Looking for some relief, I booked a BodyTalk session with an amazing practitioner. Because of this positive experience, I was completely drawn into BodyTalk. I could not explain why a treatment could change my body and mind with such ease, I wanted to know, specifically… “How?”

I became a student of holistic modalities. I dove into BodyTalk Fundamentals and asked another question: “How will tapping the body aid in returning the body and mind back to balance, and thus heal?” Truthfully, a part of her did not believe that BodyTalk could work with such ease. She was a skeptic and a non-believer… but the more people she helped, the more she believed. Robin immediately started accepting clients.  As I helped clients on their healing journeys I wanted to learn more.  I explored Reiki and became a Reiki Master, I have explored Access Consciousness becoming a Facilitator, and have even created my own trainings with HeartBeing Trainings. 

Newly retired from Fire-Fighting I am enjoying a slower pace of life, but still have a passion for helping other heal through sessions and teaching.  I continue to add more energy healing modalities to my own personal education, and I pass on more bits of knowledge to clients and students in all of my classes and sessions.   

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I am doing Online Distance Sessions on Zoom or In-Person in Calgary, AB.

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"You are the most influential person YOU will talk to all day."

Zig Ziglar

My path with BodyTalk began when Robin asked if I would like to experience a treatment and at first I opted not to jump at her invitation - I mean after all, I was healthy!  Isn't this stuff for those who are sick and looking for an alternative to the methods of western medicine?  Boy - was I wrong...shhhh - don't tell Robin that!!    

And so finally, the following month I decided to receive a treatment and instantly, I noticed changes in the physiology of my body within minutes of that treatment; I had become more relaxed, less emotional tense in my abdomen and upper body.  Having these changes occur to my body so quickly intrigued me and so I did some research referencing a book called Messages from the Body.

From that book I learned that the changes in our body are reflective of the changes which are occurring around us.  For example, my son suffered from terrible migraines which was ultimately linked to his relationship with his mother, post-divorce. 

Through forethought, knowledge and treatment -using BodyTalk techniques on  symptoms such as migraines can release the tension built up from the stress which is forming in and around your body. The results you experience of being much healthier, happier and wiser are my targets with each session.

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I am working at Inspire You Studio-435 Rosser Ave (east side of building) 


​Phone/Txt: 403-471-7534

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