Further course details of the Reiki 2:

You will be given the three Reiki symbols and taught how to draw and use them. You will learn how

  • Give hands on Reiki to someone using the mental symbol
  • Give distant Reiki to someone using the mental symbol
  • Use Reiki for protection
  • Charge things with the energy of Reiki
  • Send Reiki to the past
  • Send Reiki to an issue 
  • Send Reiki to the cause of a condition
  • Beam Reiki

​​​Reiki Level 2 or Second Degree (You Call the Energy)

The Second Degree requires that the student has completed the First Degree and has had sufficient practice for the energy to be flowing with less variation in intensity.  In the second degree Reiki initiation, the central channel is opened up to a greater level, and the amount of energy that can be channeled increases.

The student receives three symbols:

  1. The Power Symbol - This increases the amount of energy that can be channeled. It enables the student to open and close the energy connection when treating himself or others. It allows the student to use the Universal energy to cleanse and purify places energetically. The power symbol can also be used as a protection around a home, car etc.
  2. The Mental Symbol - This allows the student to enter into a different level of energy, which works on the mental and emotional levels of the person receiving the energy. It is therefore used for mental and emotional healing. It is particularly helpful in dealing with anger, sadness, anxiety, depression and problems with relationships and when sending Reiki to the cause of a condition.  It can also be used to help stop unwanted habits such as smoking, and
  3. The Distance Symbol - This allows healing to be sent at a distance. The recipient does not have to be physically present, but could be anywhere in the world. This symbol can also be used to send Reiki into the future. If the student wants to send Reiki to something he plans to do, he simply asks the energy to arrive at a particular time, and it will be ready when that time comes. This also works for the past. Reiki can be sent to specific events in the past, or to the cause of a problem, even if the cause is unknown. 

By simply placing your hands on yourself with intention to heal, the Reiki energy flows through you to heal at four levels:

Emotional | Mental | Physical | Spiritual

Through an attunement ceremony called Reiju (pronounced ray-joo), you are initiated by a Reiki Master Teacher to three Reiki symbols:

  • Power Symbol
  • Mental/Emotion Symbol
  • Distant/Absentee Symbol

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect of a harmonious, happy, healthy life.

Reiki Master

Learn 2 more symbols, how to do healing attunements in which the client receives 48 hours of Reiki energy flowing into them.  Attuning others plus review of all the courses.  Teaching Package included.    

Advanced or Level 3 (You Become the Energy)

Advanced Reiki Training (ART) is a 1 or 2 day class followed by self-development and personal preparation which may take the form of an 'apprenticeship' of 6 months or so.  This level is only for those who wish to pass Reiki on to others.  You will learn the secret rituals of the attunements, how to plan training courses and ways of deepening your own connection to the Reiki energy. Upon completion, you will have the option to teach, as well as pass Reiki attunements to others where you become, as well as live, the spiritual life as a Reiki Master. 

Upon completion of this  Level, you have the option to teach, but the importance for becoming a Reiki Master is not really about teaching, rather it’s about:

  • making a lifetime commitment to understand the healing art of Reiki
  • making a commitment to offer a healing practice
  • making a commitment to maintain a spiritual discipline
  • making a commitment to show un-conditional love and empathy for all living things

 You will receive one attunement, which helps you to manifest your spiritual vision and compassion into your physical reality of the present time or into the now. With attunement, you receive the full empowerment of the Reiki energy and will learn how to draw pluse use two new Reiki symbols:

  • the Usui Master empowerment symbol, and
  • the transmission/disconnection symbol.  

Becoming A Powerful Healer involves:

  • Having positive intention
  • Maintaining true focus
  • Strengthening your connection to the universal energy source
  • Maintaining a balanced and harmonious energy flow throughout your body
  • Maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit through right choice lifestyle
  • Being compassionate and loving
  • Being humble
  • Having self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence
  • Being self-empowered
  • Being disciplined to practice – practice – practice!

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​This is done through four initiations that help you to facilitate and strengthen your connection to universal life force energy, allowing it to flow through you to raise your personal energy level.  The Reiki symbols permanently remain within your aura and their energy emerges unconsciously through your hands.

What is attunement?

The main purpose of an attunement is to raise your energy level, plus strengthen your connection to universal spiritual energy.  In Japanese, this ceremony is called Reiju (pronounced Ray-joo) and translated, it means spiritual energy blessing.  In a modern day ceremony, your body moves into a spiritual state (or universal energy state) through the use of ancient sounds or symbols, which harmonize your mental and emotional bodies, plus also aligns your spiritual essence within to re-connect you to your true “self” (or your soul).  The attunement also clears your meridians (energy pathways) throughout your body to allow energy to flow freely.


The Reiki Master Teacher does not have any special powers to pass along, but merely acts as a channel to provide or create a safe place for you to draw in energy, thus allowing you to connect universal life force energy (or Source) to your inner self or soul.  You will draw energy to the level where you specifically need it – mental, emotional, physical or spiritual levels


  • Give and receive a distant healing session 
  • Send healing in a group 
  • Send healing to a personal issue of each person in the group

Plus -

  • Gifting and Receiving one session
  • A complete treatment
  • A balancing of the chakras

Reiki Level 1 or First Degree (You Sense the Energy)

The first degree opens the energy channel and permits the student to channel Reiki mainly at the physical level, both for himself and for others. It consists of one initiation in the Usui Tibetan system. After the initiation, the student may note a subtle energy flowing through his hands. This can be perceived in various ways, including heat, coolness, tickling, buzzing, or just a strange feeling in the hands. Sometimes it takes a period of time after the initiation before the student feels the energy.

This level is open to anyone. No previous experience or preparation is required. It is usually taught in one weekend. The initiation connects the student’s energy system to the Universal Energy. Energy blockages are released, balancing and harmonising the major energy centres known as chakras. The initiation opens the central energy channel leading from the crown of the head to the bottom of the spine. It connects the student to the Universal Energy permanently, allowing him to channel the energy whenever he wishes.

At first, the amount of energy channelled after the initiation can vary considerably, but the more the student uses Reiki, the more constant the energy becomes. In this level, the energy is 80-90% on the physical level. The remainder being on the mental/emotional and spiritual levels.

Further course details of Reiki 1 

Theory -
The definition of Reiki and channeling energy

  • What is the difference between Reiki and other methods of channeling energy
  • History of Reiki
  • 5 Reiki Principles
  • Self-treatments with Reiki
  • The human energy system, including the chakras
  • The effects of Reiki
  • How to balance the chakras using Reiki

​​​​​​​​​​​​​What is Reiki
Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

A treatment feels like a brilliant glowing radiance that flows through and around you and is very much about the Body, Mind, Soul (Spirit) connection; being totally at peace with oneself and feeling totally connected to all that is.  It is about allowing and accepting people and things for who and what they are.

The Three Levels of Reiki

The Reiki curriculum offered, teaches three degrees or levels of traditional Reiki using a spiritual energy based healing method that uses unique symbols, which give each degree its own specific purpose. 

With the “traditional” Reiki system the procedure is kept simple and other modalities such as additional Reiki symbols, chanting, gemstones, laser beaming or massage are not included.